Stardust Album Cover

A fantasy art inspired illustration for local musician and friend Xulu. It is 5 layers of halftones laid over each. The illustration was printed on shirts and will also be printed as album art.

Photoshopped layout using all the elements I created earlier. At this point I was more woried with arrnaging the elements and exploring their relative proportions than anything else.
Value sketch. Here I decided on a composition and settled on the scale of the figures to the objects and to each other.
10"x10" Watercolor study.
Linework was done with ink on hotpress arches then scanned and altered digitally. 
Final Piece and Details
All colors are divided into their own layer. The illusion of gradients and transparency is achieved through visual color mixing using a bitmapping process to create halftones.
Printed on Shirt
We screen printed a slightly simplified version of the illustration on shirts, the full illustration will be used as the album art for Xuluprophet's STARDUST cd.
The shirts can be purchased at any Xuluprophet show here in Savannah, from the 13 Bricks store or online on our website.  You can check out Xuluprophet's music on Soundcloud or Reverbnation or follow him on Facebook.
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